Learn About Petrean Mentoring
A Petrean mentor is a more experienced Petrean professional who shares his or her skills, knowledge, experience and expertise on an agreed regular basis. They can help to examine career goals and decisions; advise about any professional challenges the mentee may face; offer constructive criticism and feedback, and generally help the mentee to reach their potential at work. They may also provide introductions to useful contacts.

The Petrean Mentoring Process

Initial meeting:
  • Establish the purpose of the mentoring relationship and the aims of the mentee
  • Discuss the format of meetings, frequency and how they will work
  • Discuss the role of the mentor and mentee, bearing in mind the aims of the mentee and expectations of the mentor
Petrean Mentor Sessions:
  • The Petrean mentor should use sessions to review experience, identify objectives and provide feedback to the mentee
  • Identify strengths and achievements
  • Identify areas of development
  • Explore options together
  • Agree on support needs
  • Set targets for future actions
Next Steps:
  • Identify when the relationship reaches a natural end
    (i.e. set objectives for the mentee and discuss when these are met)
  • Review and sign off objectives
  • Take time for some self-reflection and review the effectiveness of the relationship by both parties
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